How to Encrypt Your Files

January 6, 2021 by No Comments

The idea of encrypting files to secure crucial computer data using different encryption criteria is getting very popular these days among the computer users. Encryption is actually used to secure important files and personal data so that no one can sneak into your personal files without the correct security password and your permission.

Windows os also provides feature of encryption, it has a driver named EFS (Encryption File System), and this driver encrypts the files and makes them transparent from enemies who access to your system without your permission. The function of EFS is to apply encryption to your files with symmetric key, this symmetric key is also known as File Encryption Key that uses symmetric criteria.

Using windows encryption feature for encrypting your files and version is safe but not secure because this encryption is not strong and an average computer user with the help of some decrypting and great software can easily decrypt crucial computer data and easily use it for his/her personal use.

Data protection has always been a big issue, as the techno world is advancing day by day, people use to save a lot of their important and personal data on their PC, and therefore it becomes extremely necessary for them to take some security measures to protect their data.

There are many techniques which people are using to secure and protect their data. Some people use html coding on the note pad file which creates an encrypted folder in which they can keep their important data and lock it with a security password, but the crackers are far cleverer, they know how to break that html coding and how to crack that security password, it isn’t at all secure to protect crucial computer data with this trick.

Another way is to zip your personal data with a security password, a zip folder is established with a security password and you can keep your data in it and lock it with a security password, but this will also not ensure complete security of your data as crackers have become very good and intelligent, and they use Techno Cracks – Undetected Valorant Aimbot 2021 different kinds of great software to crack your security password and play with it.

Data protection software or file encryption software have build a good reputation among the computer users, they are far more reliable and secure than those tricks, their encryption mechanism is strong and guarantees full security and protection against almost any security breach, hack into attempt and virus attack. These data protection software also come with different useful features like data portability, means you can take your secured data anywhere with you.

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